Annual Meeting Sunday, May 7, 2017

Greetings, Riverwest Co-op members, volunteers, staff and customers!

You’re invited to participate in the Riverwest Co-op’s General Member Meeting on Sunday, May 7,  2017, 4 – 7 pm at the Falcon Bowl 801 E Clarke St.

At our General Member Meeting, we’ll report on our accomplishments from the past year, discuss important issues for 2017-2018, introduce you to candidates for the board of directors, and vote!

This event is a great opportunity for you to give us your thoughts, ideas and feedback. What are we doing? Where are we going? How can we improve? Your voice is critical in helping shape the future of the Co-op.

Oh, did we mention that all participants will receive a drink on us?

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Who: Members of the Riverwest Co-op
What: Our General Member Meeting / Board elections / feedback sessions
Where: the Falcon Bowl, across the street from the Co-op
Why: the healthy and participatory functions of our community-owned and operated cooperative
When: Sunday, May 7, 2017, 4-7 pm 

Now Hiring Cafe Staff!



UPDATE: this post has been filled. Check back temporarily to learn about additional job openings. 

Full to Part Time: 24-40 hours/week Evenings and Weekends

Basic Tasks: a. Preparing / cooking menu and deli items. b. Serving in an efficient and friendly manner. c. Monitoring the quality of food served. d. Keeping the kitchen clean during and after one’s shift. 2. Participation in monthly Café Collective meetings (for which worker will be paid). This is an attempt to create a culture of workplace democracy in the café.

TRAITS WE ARE LOOKING FOR IN APPLICANTS: a. Line and Prep cooking experience (familiarity with vegan & vegetarian food highly desirable). b. Commitment to the co-op ideal of workplace Democracy (whereby all workers share responsibility for making the café function smoothly). c. Good work history.

WAGE: Starting wage will be $10.10/hr after probationary period

HOW TO APPLY: Please submit resumes to co-op staff or email resumes’ to & Resumes will be accepted until position is filled.

Volunteer With Us!


Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form here! 

The Riverwest Co-op is neighborhood-owned and neighborhood-operated. Each week, over one hundred volunteers work at the Co-op, doing everything from customer service and cashiering to making your smoothie and running our website. No matter what you’ve got to offer, the Co-op is a place for you. Volunteer 1

And there are other benefits to volunteering as well! Volunteers receive a 10% discount on store goods, which adds to the 5% member discount. Add that to the Riverwest Co-op’s weekly sales days, and member-volunteers are receiving 25% off of produce every Wednesday and 25% off of bulk goods every Thursday. On top of that, volunteers in our cafe get a shift meal for every three hours volunteered. Not too bad! And did we mention free coffee and tea while volunteering?
We’re a community, working together for the same end, cooperating. We would love for you to be a part.
So, ready to jump in? It’s easy to get started. You can fill out a volunteer application here, or swing on by the Co-op and fill one out. Or contact our volunteer coordinator, Ousia, directly at
We hope we’ll meet you soon.

Annual RW Co-Op Chili Cook-off

Chili cookoff

Spaghetti Dinner

Annual Spaghetti Dinner 2016 Poster

November Store News


Fresh in store are plenty of locally grown veggies. Where are they all coming from? Springdale Farm (Plymouth), Centgraf Farm, LotFotL Community Farm (Elkhorn), Walnut Way (Milwaukee), Growing Power (Milwaukee), Kettle Rock Farm (Palmyra), Good Stuff Gardens (Milwaukee), Rainbow Sprouts, Weston’s Antique Apples (New Berlin) and the super-local Riverwest Community Garden School.



Seitan’s Riders

20150430_193844Taking up the reins from the 2014 team “Mach Tuna,” Seitan’s Riders raced on behalf of the Riverwest CoOp in the 2015 Riverwest 24. The members of the team were Tabby, Krista, Clair, Matt, Scott, and Allain. Each one of the riders are active volunteers at the CoOp and volunteered in early Spring to ride for the CoOp’s team. Some of us trained, some us relaxed, but all of us were excited as Spring quickly turned to Summer and the streets began to hum in anticipation of the twenty-four.

Only Krista had raced in the RW24 before, so having the CoOp as an umbrella organization made it much easier for us to learn the ins and outs. We think it’s a great idea to keep a CoOp team going to help cooperators meet, celebrate, and participate in a great neighborhood event. Some things we learned as a mostly new team:

  • The sign-up is a two-day camp out (thanks Nichali and Kris for saving our spot!
  • Twenty-four hours isn’t nearly as intimidating as it sounds when you have a full squad of awesome and flexible teammates
  • The tattoo signups run out fast, but you can probably find a local shop that’s also doing the design
  • Bread dipped in hummus is possibly the best afternoon snack ever
  • When your breaks fail or your gears get bent, friends can help get you back on two feet and two wheels

We didn’t race to win: that wasn’t what we were in the race for (although for the record, we biked 46 laps and 211 miles). We were there to feel the energy of the whole community pouring out onto the checkpoint Saturday evening in celebration was its own joyful climax. It took us a full night’s rest and nearly a full day of puttering and napping to feel human again. But, as Riverwest cooperators, we welcome that kind of beautiful exhaustion that comes from events like the Riverwest 24.



Membership is ownership!

Membership is $20 per year toward the $100 lifetime membership fee. Members receive a 5% discount on all store items, have the ability to pay with checks, and can place special orders from our distributors for 20% above wholesale price.


Local Produce

It's growing season!Full grocery!

The Riverwest Co-op aims to be your healthy corner store – where you don’t have to choose between convenience, conscience or your pocketbook. Everything you need from cereal and milk (whether cow, almond, soy, rice or coconut milk) to frozen pizza. We have a large selection of bulk items, including dried beans, rice and nuts as well as baking supplies, spices, bulk cereals and snacks.  Free range eggs and meat. Local produce,  body care and household goods local products, organic products, fairly-traded!

Store Specials

Taco Tuesdays
All El Rey products 10% off

Produce Wednesdays
10% off on all fresh produce

Bulk Thursdays
10% off all bulk items

Local Fridays
10% selected local products

Riverwest Credit Union

Riverwest Co-op board member Alex Brower is helping lead the creation of a Riverwest and Harambee Credit Union. Alex and the other neighborhood activists working on this project see it as a way to keep our wealth in the community and foster new businesses and financial security for all:

“This credit union will serve our neighborhoods better than existing “local” credit unions, because instead of financing loans for someone who lives in Oak Creek, or Waukesha, or some other part of Wisconsin, your checking/savings deposits will finance personal loans, car loans, home loans, and business loans only for people who live, work, or go to school in the 53212.”

Find out how you can support the Riverwest and Harambee Credit Union by attending the information session scheduled for July 14th, or visiting its website.

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