Now Hiring: Volunteer Coordinator

The Riverwest Co-op is hiring a Volunteer Coordinator!

The Riverwest Co-op is a member-owned cooperative with a good food access and quality employment mission. We’re grounded in a drive to serve the Riverwest neighborhood. The Riverwest Co-op’s  regular volunteer base includes over one hundred volunteers serving in the store, cafe and on committees. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for volunteer outreach, recruitment and training, co-management of the Riverwest Co-op’s business operations, and being an ambassador of the Riverwest Co-op in the community.

Job Description

  • Type: Regular, non-exempt (hourly) position
  • Hours: 40 hours per week
  • Reports to: Worker’s Collective, Board of Directors
  • Responsible for: Volunteer Coordination, Business Co-Management


  • An interest in the mission of the Riverwest Co-op.
  • Schedule flexibility and open availability (the VC is on-call whenever the Co-op is open!).
  • Strong written and oral communicate skills, including ability to problem solve effectively with customers, volunteers and co-workers.
  • Ability to manage time and responsibilities, be flexible & manage several tasks at once.
  • A desire to learn and contribute to the success of the organization.
  • Enjoy working as part of a team.
  • Good computer skills.
  • Previous experience in grocery retail is desirable but not mandatory.
  • Previous experience in community organizing is desirable but not mandatory.
  • Previous experience with / knowledge of cooperatives is desirable but not mandatory.
  • Previous experience with consensus decision-making processes is desirable but not mandatory.
  • An ability to do lifting is required.
  • An ability to pay attention to detail and work accurately.

Responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

  • Volunteer recruitment, orientation, training and scheduling. Maintaining an active volunteer base of over 100 volunteers. Ensuring volunteers are scheduled in the store and cafe. Training new volunteers and ensuring healthy volunteer experiences.
  • Business operations: working in the store and cafe (cashiering, unloading shipments, stocking, kitchen work including dishes), weekly participation on the Worker’s Collective, participation on one standing committee and on ad hoc committees as necessary, regular engagement with the Board of Directors.
  • Outreach and Communication: internal (between staff, Board of Directors and volunteers) and external (social media and outreach).

The full job description for the Volunteer Coordinator is available here.

To Apply:
Please forward your resume and answers to the following three essay questions to Shelly McClone-Carriere at You may also drop your resume and answers off at the front register.


  1. In your opinion, describe a well-run cooperative grocery store with consensus-based management collective. Be specific.
  2. Describe a situation in which a conflict may occur between a volunteer’s needs, the Riverwest Co-op’s needs, and your personal needs. How do you handle this situation?
  3. The Volunteer Coordinator’s role is highly public. Describe what value you would bring as the Volunteer Coordinator to the broader Riverwest neighborhood.

The Riverwest Co-op supports equal employment opportunity for all classes of individuals, regardless of age, race, color, national origin, citizenship status, disability, religious creed, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, economic status, veteran status. Additionally, people who are oppressed or are denied power and privilege in society are strongly encouraged to apply.

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