Riverwest Coop Grocery and Cafe

Co-op Softball!

Come out to the Pumping Station and cheer on your co-op pals! Games are on thursday nights, follow the Seitan Phillies on facebook for their scheduled games! Seitan Phillies Facebook

We Are Now Hiring!

The Riverwest Co-op is hiring! Cafe Co-Manager (posted 7/6/17) Cafe Staff (7/6/17)

Volunteer With Us!

  Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form here!  The Riverwest Co-op is neighborhood-owned and neighborhood-operated. Each week, over one hundred volunteers work at the Co-op, doing everything from customer service and cashiering to making your smoothie and running our… Read More

Got a minute? Check out this gorgeous short video produced by volunteer Allain Daigle!

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