Hiring: Inventory Coordinator

Inventory Coordinator

Purpose:  To ensure smooth daily store operations. Responsible for the ordering, pricing, and budgeting of produce and all other inventory. The Inventory Coordinator has the potential to be a dynamic, collaborative leader; we are seeking somebody with a creative vision for the future of our co-op.

Status: Full-time salaried management position. Reports to Board of Directors. Member of the Workers’ Collective.

I. Inventory Coordination

  • Track all stock/put in orders as stock diminishes
  • Maintain and strengthen existing vendor relationships while continuing to seek out potential opportunities with new vendors
  • Receive stock and unload trucks
  • Check all deliveries against packing lists and invoices
  • Set and control pricing and sales objectives  
  • Develop an annual operating budget, accounting for sales and seasonal shifts
  • Discontinue stock that has a poor sales record
  • Develop a method for tracking inventory
  • Stay apprised of trends in food and nutrition
  • Receive and incorporate customer requests for new stock items
  • Lead quarterly store inventory

II. General Manager Duties

  • Count register money and monitor change levels
  • Staff register when necessary
  • Coordinate bank deposits with other managers
  • Create monthly reports for the Board of Directors
  • Participate in weekly Workers’ Collective meetings
  • Collaborate with co-managers to meet individual department and shared goals, maintain accountability, enforce Riverwest Co-op policies, and identify areas of improvement
  • Participate in Finance Committee meetings
  • Participation in hiring committees, as needed
  • Maintain facility cleanliness and functionality  
  • Create store sales and promotions
  • Maintain and order equipment for display and storage
  • Collaborate with paid staff and volunteers

III. Customer Service

  • Treat people fairly, consistently, and with respect, upholding the co-op’s inclusivity statement
  • Answer questions and concerns of members, customers, and volunteers
  • Address suggestions and complaints of members, customers and volunteers in a timely manner
  • Work well with people of a wide range of skills and personalities

IV. Qualifications

  • Experience managing others in a professional environment
  • Experience developing and implementing budgets
  • Computer literacy, good communication and listening skills
  • Ability to work in a volunteer-based organization with collective management
  • Willingness  to work with people of a wide range of skills and personalities
  • Eagerness to take ownership of a position requiring self-direction, reliability, creativity, and accountability

V. Preferred

  • Knowledge of cooperatives and alternative economic structures
  • Experience working with natural foods

V. Salary and Benefits 

  • Starting wage is $29,120 ($14/hour).
  • Paid biweekly.
  • Benefits include: vacations, PTO, and flexible schedule.
  • Perks include: store discounts, shift meals.
  • Email resumes and cover letters to riverwestwc@gmail.com

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