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The Riverwest Co-op is neighborhood-owned and neighborhood-operated. Each week, over one hundred volunteers work at the Co-op, doing everything from customer service and cashiering to making your smoothie and running our website. No matter what you’ve got to offer, the Co-op is a place for you. Volunteer 1

And there are other benefits to volunteering as well! Volunteers receive a 10% discount on store goods, which adds to the 5% member discount. Add that to the Riverwest Co-op’s weekly sales days, and member-volunteers are receiving 25% off of produce every Wednesday and 25% off of bulk goods every Thursday. On top of that, volunteers in our cafe get a shift meal for every three hours volunteered. Not too bad! And did we mention free coffee and tea while volunteering?
We’re a community, working together for the same end, cooperating. We would love for you to be a part.
So, ready to jump in? It’s easy to get started. You can fill out a volunteer application here, or swing on by the Co-op and fill one out. Or contact our volunteer coordinator, Ousia, directly at Ousia@riverwestcoop.org.
We hope we’ll meet you soon.

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