Seitan’s Riders

20150430_193844Taking up the reins from the 2014 team “Mach Tuna,” Seitan’s Riders raced on behalf of the Riverwest CoOp in the 2015 Riverwest 24. The members of the team were Tabby, Krista, Clair, Matt, Scott, and Allain. Each one of the riders are active volunteers at the CoOp and volunteered in early Spring to ride for the CoOp’s team. Some of us trained, some us relaxed, but all of us were excited as Spring quickly turned to Summer and the streets began to hum in anticipation of the twenty-four.

Only Krista had raced in the RW24 before, so having the CoOp as an umbrella organization made it much easier for us to learn the ins and outs. We think it’s a great idea to keep a CoOp team going to help cooperators meet, celebrate, and participate in a great neighborhood event. Some things we learned as a mostly new team:

  • The sign-up is a two-day camp out (thanks Nichali and Kris for saving our spot!
  • Twenty-four hours isn’t nearly as intimidating as it sounds when you have a full squad of awesome and flexible teammates
  • The tattoo signups run out fast, but you can probably find a local shop that’s also doing the design
  • Bread dipped in hummus is possibly the best afternoon snack ever
  • When your breaks fail or your gears get bent, friends can help get you back on two feet and two wheels

We didn’t race to win: that wasn’t what we were in the race for (although for the record, we biked 46 laps and 211 miles). We were there to feel the energy of the whole community pouring out onto the checkpoint Saturday evening in celebration was its own joyful climax. It took us a full night’s rest and nearly a full day of puttering and napping to feel human again. But, as Riverwest cooperators, we welcome that kind of beautiful exhaustion that comes from events like the Riverwest 24.


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